There’s No Bias Like Shown Bias

Now that President Trump is on the pinnacle of announcing his second Supreme Court justice in 18 months, all his nominees owe a big thank you to a “couple” dinged in Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s 500-plus page report.

Peter Strozk Mantra – I Didn’t Do It

Why? Thanks to dozens of incriminating text messages between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page demonstrating copious amounts of bias against both candidate Trump and later President Trump, we are expected to believe that the subjectivity of the “twin texting terribles” played no role in their investigation.

Strozk & Page Text Exchange

So what do texts from the FBI’s former paramours have to do with Trump’s Supreme Court nominees?

If law and order “professionals” like Strozk and Page can exhibit such blatant bias without it presumably affecting their work, why can’t Supreme Court nominees be held to a similar standard?

Consider:  Whoever President Trump’s selection is to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, that candidate is sure to be the target of intense interrogations and slanderous scrutiny about their views of Roe vs Wade, the Second Amendment, and the Trump administrations’s zero-tolerance border policy, just to name a few predictable litmus test issues.

But wait! Based on the new liberal standard that law and justice professionals can hold any subjective opinion regarding the target of an investigation, then let the justice confirmation hearings begin.

Think Trump’s justice nominee has a bias against Roe vs Wade? Doesn’t matter because whatever their typed or unspoken opinion, obviously it won’t affect their duties as a legal professional based on the Strozk-Page legal precedent.

What if the nominee has expressed a private opinion on favoring gun rights or the rights of Christian businesses not to participate in gay nuptials based on religious reasons?

That argument is now moot since, under the Strozk-Page standard, such “free speech” musings by a Supreme Court justice certainly wouldn’t affect how they interpret the Constitution and their subsequent rulings on the high court.

To believe that any individual could be so blatantly biased as Strozk, Page and many others in the DOJ and FBI, and that their bias wouldn’t affect their investigation, strains credulity.

Not to mention that that same blistering bias didn’t affect their judgment on Hillary’s illicit use of an private email server, her exposure of national security secrets and destruction of subpoenaed devices – none of that mattered because [“Trump’s] not ever going to be president, right? Right?!”

“No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

Apparently bias, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder – and all those that wallow in the Deep State swamp.

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Religious Liberty Wins in a Cakewalk

The Masterpiece Cakeshop win at the U.S. Supreme Court June 4 may be the best cake judging contest in history.

In a 7-2 decision the New York Times and the numerically challenged left described as “narrow,” the ruling was a welcome face slap to cultural totalitarianism. More importantly, it affirmed the protection of religious liberty and was far from the judicial cakewalk anti-Christian bigots anticipated.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Jack Phillips

Since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, the gaymafia and the cultural left have demanded Christian bakeries bake their cake and eat it, too.

It wasn’t enough that the Court had overturned centuries of worldwide tradition affirming that marriage was strictly between a man and a woman.  To liberal minds the Supreme Court’s recognition of gay matrimony was just the icing on the slouching to Gomorrah cake.

Now that they had eclipsed that monumental milestone, the Jesusphobes wanted to rub the face of Christian businesses like Jack Phillips’ bakery in their carnal cake.

Bakeries, florists, caterers, wedding planners – liberal activists were caked with the realization they could force Christians dissenting on religious grounds to bow to their every gay whim rather than to God.

As usual though, the homosexual lobby and their mainstream media cheerleaders overplayed their hand when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was found to be biased against the baker they accused of bigotry.

Essentially the court ruled that the Colorado board persecuted Masterpiece Cakeshop because of baker Jack Phillips’ religious views.

Happily for advocates of religious liberty the Supremes based their decision on the merits of the case rather than the larger issue of gay marriage. Like it or hate it, gay marriage is the law of the land.

Much to the chagrin of the gaymafia though, that doesn’t mean liberal elites can force Christians to acquiesce on every cultural issue those elites have managed to worm through the courts.

The liberties guaranteed us in the Constitution exists to protect the rights of those whose views may not be chic or popular, but are God-given rights nonetheless. And thank God even justices Eileen Kagan and Stephen Breyer joined the majority in making the broadest “narrow” decision in recent memory.

And if that doesn’t take the cake, I don’t know what does.

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Inventor Has a Grip on Success

There are two main things about entrepreneurship I appreciate: the importance of curiosity and perseverance – Steven Walther, inventor of the Toof-inger toothbrush®.

Steven Walther marched away from his military service four years ago to battle in the free enterprise jungle, but many of those gung-ho traits he learned as a Green Beret Special Forces medic remain with him today – traits like perseverance, problem solving and a can-do attitude.

Steven got the idea for what he calls the Toof-inger Brush® after returning from active duty in Afghanistan.  His custom crafted toothbrush has an ergonomically pleasing, short flex handle specially designed to “pinch grip” with just a thumb and two fingers when brushing. This provides the user more control and helps exert up to 25% less force than conventional toothbrushes.

While serving in Afghanistan one of Steven’s responsibilities was teaching Afghans, many of whom had never seen a toothbrush, how to brush their teeth.

“Tooth brushing was alien to Afghans and teaching them how to brush again and again really impacted my thinking,” he said in 2015.

Time and again Steven watched Afghan adults and children grab a standard toothbrush by the handle, ball their fists and begin sawing on their teeth like a northern woods lumberjack trying to break a Guiness World Record in cross cutting.

“Think about the way we interact with the toothbrush,” Steven said in 2015. “We grab the tool in our hand and start scrubbing away because its design encourages us to.”

“That got me to thinking about what goes in our hand for creating healthy brushing practices,” Steven said of his Afghanistan experience.

Steven Walther

Upon returning to the States he developed a toothbrush prototype, shared that with a few dentists and, as Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

When we last interviewed Steven in January 2015 he was in the final semester of his Masters of Business Administration program at Campbell University and he had invested an estimated $70,000 of his own money over three years on his Toof-inger Brush®.

Last week when we caught up with him, he was kind enough to update us on his six-year dream of breaking through the toothbrush ceiling of established commercial manufacturers.

“Our toothbrush compares very favorably with other toothbrushes in terms of how well it cleans,” he said in a June 19th phone interview. “As for its preventive properties, overall it’s more effective.”

Private investors and parents agree. Since our original post on Steven’s short-handled toothbrush gem, he has raised $75,000 from private investors.

The Toof-inger comes in four colors

The brush has proven popular enough with parents teaching their kids to brush that Steven’s company, FTGG, LLC (For the Greater Good) has a patent pending on a child-sized Toof-inger Brush®.  The kids’ brush has the same size mini-handle as the adult toothbrush but a smaller head size for li’l pieholes. It also comes in the same four colors as the adult version: blue, red, green and pink.

“Parents really enjoy the toothbrush and kids like it because they can easily grip it,” Steven said.

The company name FTGG is more than a branding gimmick, though. A major part of FTGG’s marketing plan has been donating toothbrushes around the world to children in undeveloped countries.

“We’ve donated toothbrushes to five or six different missions worldwide where children are in need of oral hygiene,” Steven noted.

Steven undoubtedly experienced toughness first-hand as an active duty solider, but as a medic he’s always lived for and exuded compassion while relieving the suffering of others.

In addition to promoting and advocating the benefits of the Toof-inger Brush®, Steven also is applying his devotion to healthcare and passion for innovation to the critical problem of opioid addiction.  Currently he serves as one of three team members of Continuous Precision Medicine, a group established to combat opioid addiction.

“Since finishing my MBA I’ve tried to stay engaged with healthcare. I enjoy the personal service healthcare provides and that’s always been of interest to me,” he said.

As for the imaginatively designed Toof-inger Brush®, he’s still writing that part of the story.

“Toothbrush manufacturing is a very mature and established industry. It poses an interesting challenge for a company in its early stages, with limited resources, to penetrate their markets,” he admitted.

“But I still believe we can be the go-to manual toothbrush.”

In other words, there’s a lot of fighting left to do but this ex-Special Forces veteran likes the odds.

When asked his advice for future entrepreneurs, he said this:

“The growth I’ve been able to experience during this journey…I’ve learned so much, about so many different things.  I love the entrepreneurial spirit.  I would encourage others to follow their passion, make a positive impact and have the courage to step off into the unknown.”

For more information about the Toof-inger Brush® and how to order, go to


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The Truth Won’t Set These Three Free

Here are three contestants you’ll never see on the To Tell the Truth game show: James Comey, Jim Clapper and John Brennan.

This trio of Deep State prevaricators has served more whoppers the past two years than Burger King in twice that time.

From left to right: James Comey, Jim Clapper and John Brennan

For those who get their “news” from late night shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Comey is the former FBI director fired by President Trump in 2017.  He is currently promoting a book on truth, loyalty and other subjects on which he pays lip service.

Clapper is the Obama Administration’s former National Intelligence Director who is now a CNN paid collaborator…er, contributor.  Clapper reportedly earned the CNN gig after baiting the network’s story hook about the president being briefed by the FBI based on made-up charges in the Steele dossier.

Brennan is Obama’s former CIA Director who literally voted for a Communist candidate in the 1976 U.S. Presidential election.  Today he is a vitriolic critic of President Trump and his policies.  At the risk of being redundant he is also a paid contributor on NBC/MSNBC.

The three acrimonious amigos have three things in common:

  • They despise Trump;
  • They’re all professional liars and won’t hesitate to lie when it helps undermine the president; and,
  • All three face serious legal jeopardy due to #2 fueled by #1.

You’d think these three would have a clue about the damage they’ve done to their respective agencies with the Machiavellian games they’ve played, but no – they’re as clueless as three blind mice.

Unfortunately for them, they’re about to find themselves ensnared in the spy games mousetrap of deception and deceit they set for members of the president’s campaign team and those involved in the early days of his administration.

Brennan, Clapper and Comey are like the three wiser monkeys of Japan. They purposely  hear nothing good concerning Trump, see nothing wrong with the actions they’ve taken to undercut the president, and refuse to say a spy is a spy and a lie is a lie.

To listen to them blab and bloviate, Trump’s threat to expose the spy ring they schemed to embed in the 2016 presidential campaign is the real danger to America. In their thinking, Trump must be taken down at all costs – hallowed be Obama’s name.

All three of this tall-tales triumvirate better have deep pockets because “all costs” is going to be expensive, and it’s time for these “truth bandits” to pay for the damages they’ve done to the American public and the institutions they used to manage.

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When a Spy is A Spy and a Lie is a Lie

How stupid does the Deep State think we are?  Apparently as stupid as their supporters and all the never-Trumpers.

Riddle: when is a spy not a spy?  When the FBI claims they are an “informant.”

Or what about this comedy clue?  How about an investigation/setup well into its second year that is looking for collusion between a presidential campaign and Russia where the only person in that campaign allegedly not under investigation is the candidate (now president) himself.

One more believe-it-or-not example.  What’s the first thing the FBI would normally do when informed that a political party’s email servers were hacked?  Do a forensic inspection of the compromised server?  Wrong.

The correct answer is to sit like a trained poodle while a private third party hired by the Democrats “analyzes” the data before pointing their finger at the foreign power accused of colluding with the Deep State’s political opponent.

All without any shared empirical evidence and based on “primary attribution analysis” the private company that did the forensics admits is “shoddy.”

Even better, the hacked party crying foul refuses to allow the pre-eminent law enforcement agency in the world, the FBI, access to their server – even two years after the purported hack!

And what does the FBI do when denied access to the “hacked” server?  Revisiting our poodle analogy, they bark up the wrong tree by investigating the opposing candidate of the “hacked” party rather than do forensics on the hardware that would prove the actual culprit.

So let’s recap: $17 million taxpayer dollars have been spent looking everywhere – everywhere except on the computer hardware where the alleged crime was committed.  If it was committed.  We really don’t know since the Democrats won’t let anyone look at their servers.

Without a crime being named and absolutely no evidence, a Special Counsel was appointed based on an illegal leak by terminated FBI director James Comey.  Comey was angered at being fired by a president he loathes and who beat the candidate the Deep State supported – not to mention that his wife and daughters wanted to win!

Comey used opposition research that he knew was provided by Hillary Clinton then lied with others before a FISA court about knowing its source.

The oppo research material consisted of illegal domestic spying (informanting?), and a dossier, which itself was based on information gathered by a British intelligence officer using Russian Kremlin officials as sources.

This would be the same Russia that Trump was accused of colluding with to steal the 2016 presidential election.

Sound like a convoluted political novel by former Obama Administration speechwriter and Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes?

If the coup to destroy Trump’s candidacy and presidency plays out like the other accomplishments of the hapless Obama Administration, very soon their nefarious plot will boomerang and kaboom! on all those involved.

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California May Adopt Commie Holiday

Hawaii has live volcanoes, but it’s the California State Assembly that keeps spewing molten ashes of communism into the political environment with the hope that it will solidify into accepted practice by the masses.

Russia May Day Parade

Earlier this month the California Assembly discussed a bill that would consolidate Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s February birthdays into a singularly-observed  Presidents’ Day.

That’s nothing too radical other than where to put the apostrophe (Presidents’ Day or President’s Day), or whether to include an apostrophe at all.

What made California Bill AB-3042 controversial was Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago’s desire to make the communist-inspired International Workers’ Day a state-sponsored holiday.

International Workers’ Day is May 1 and is also known as May Day. It has been celebrated for decades in  communist countries and drew more than 100,000 Muscovites at this year’s May Day parade in Moscow.

One wonders if the communist holiday is celebrated by taking stuff from society’s producers and giving it to the non-producers.

If so, it would be like Christmas gift giving in reverse. Gifts would be taken rather than received. This may explain why Santiago insists it should be a paid holiday (unlike Presidents’ Day), and why anti-capitalist California is considering the bill.

The appropriations and education committees earlier passed the bill along party line votes but the California Assembly refused to pass it by a 27-22 committee vote last Thursday. Hope springs eternal for Santiago however, after he submitted a motion to reconsider Bill AB-3042 another time.

California Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper pretty well summed up the feelings of the minority last Thursday:

“Are we in competition to be the laughing stock of the United States?” he asked on the floor of the State House.  “Are we going that far to the left?”

He went on to say that the Santiago bill makes it look like California is kowtowing to Cold War Soviet domination.

This begs two questions: first, if California added the communist-inspired May Day as a paid holiday, would that be evidence of the long sought Russian collusion Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been seeking the past year?

Second, if Santiago’s bill passes, would California be charged with misappropriating Russian culture?

The Eagles’ song Hotel California seemingly sums up the fate of state residents stuck with their current progressive representation: “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.”

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FLOTUS Interviewed by Mueller Team

MSNBC and CNN are reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now zeroed in on a surprising new target in his ongoing search to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign team.

Acting on an anonymous tip forwarded and subsequently denied by former CIA Director John Brennan, two members of Mueller’s investigative team quietly pursued their newest lead when they recently interviewed First Lady Melania Trump.

The popular First Lady was interviewed at the Walter Reed National Medical Center where she remains after recently undergoing a successful embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.

Special Counsel Spokesman Peter Carr insisted the visit by Mueller’s prosecutors was conducted as a non-invasive investigative procedure, but that perception may change once the public weighs in on this stunning new development.

The White House has declined to elaborate on the First Lady’s condition or its reaction to her uninvited visitors, but both MSNBC and CNN are offering an incredible theory: specifically, the First Lady wasn’t at Walter Reed for kidney treatment at all!

According to CNN’s usual impeccable anonymous sources, Melania Trump was actually implanted with a revolutionary digital device that will give her the ability to download and transmit Democratic emails from anywhere on the North American continent.

To begin a download, she merely clicks the heels of her Jimmy Choo shoes together three times. To transmit, she clicks them together twice, waits a beat, and then clicks twice more.

CNN’s Jim Acosta also reports Bill Nuy the Science Guy said it would be easy for Jimmy Choo shoe techs to program the Romy 60 Lace Pumps Mrs. Trump favors to download and transmit encrypted emails anywhere in Russia, China, or unsecured home brew email servers anywhere.

In another development, Mueller’s team was also reportedly chasing another lead involving a member of the First Lady’s Walter Reed medical team.  Nikolay Orlov, the anesthesiologist that assisted with the First Lady’s kidney procedure, is a fifth-generation Russian-American.


Carr said there was much work yet for the Special Counsel’s team to do before adding, “We remain confident that the team’s hard work and pledge to follow the evidence wherever it leads will help our country get to the truth because the American people deserve no less.”

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Diamond and Silk May Have Company

Trump stalwarts Diamond and Silk best watch out because the Democrats have announced a counter-insurgency plan to the popular conservative social media personalities.

California Representative Maxine Waters (D) and CNN White House correspondent April Ryan are preparing an online act to counter Diamond and Silk’s enthusiastic support for President Donald Trump.

Maxine “‘Peach 45” Waters

Inside sources wishing to remain anonymous say Waters and Ryan will soon be tweeting, liking, pinning, and posting under the name Diatribe and Sludge.

As previously reported in this blog space, Waters has been calling for Trump’s impeachment 18 months before his surprising election win.

“Damn this president,” Waters told a meeting of organized labor last Sunday.

Stating that Trump is no friend to organized labor, “‘Peach 45” has also called the country’s 45th president “a liar,” “a danger,” and “the most deplorable person” she has met.

Mirror, mirror, off the wall…

April (PieGate) Ryan

April Ryan has been covering the White House since 1997 as a reporter for the American Urban Radio Network.  During President Barack Obama’s two terms she covered for the White House during various administration scandals.

Last year she became a regular contributor for CNN and is believed to be the only reporter for that network who hasn’t filed a story about missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

In 2017 she was named the Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists since she met that organization’s primary requirements: she’s black and she’s a journalist.

During Trump’s 16 months in office Ryan has gained a reputation as a feisty reporter. Translation: she asks stupid questions.

She was in the middle of #PieGate, questioned whether President Trump supports slavery, and most recently asked whether the president has considered resigning because of the Mueller Trump-Russian collusion clown show.

One well known Republican pollster estimates the Diatribe and Sludge Tour could be worth two to three points for Republican House and Senate candidates this fall.

Dates and ticket prices for the Diatribe and Sludge show are expected to be announced soon.

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CNN’s Don Lemon is One Sour Puss

It’s a shame state lemon laws don’t apply to CNN’s Don Lemon. Based on his acerbic commentary and dour outlook on all things Trump, viewers of his show should be entitled to some kind of relief.

Lemon is the co-anchor of CNN Tonight but sees his role as a political commentator who has a higher opinion of his own opinions than is justified. He projects himself as a serious journalist and that in itself says a lot about his myopia, the current state of broadcast journalism and the Trump haters that watch his show.

In his mind, Don Lemon is the story.

Last Friday Lemon expressed enough sour grapes he might earn his own Sour Nerds flavor.

“If you have the evidence that shows you, that leads you to nothing else but this president being racist, then I feel it’s my obligation as a journalist to say it,” he said last week as the keynote speaker at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit in New York.

That’s funny, because in my journalism classes we were taught our role was to report the facts as objectively as possible so readers could form their own opinions. That was the journalist’s obligation then.

Guess I missed the classes where journalists were to form their own conclusion, rearrange the facts to support that conclusion, and then tell readers and viewers what to think about a story by sharing your personal opinion.

Lemon gets his ear pierced on national TV. Now that’s news!

“Critical thinking is important as a journalist. If you cannot surmise that this president — if he’s not racist, he’s certainly racist-adjacent,” Lemon told last week’s gathered audience.

Racist-adjacent? What the heck is that?

Is that like racist by association because you live in adjacent houses? Is it a type of homeowners association where all the houses are painted black and white? Was he talking about George and Louise Jefferson living next to Archie Bunker?

I asked my Google assistant what “racist-adjacent” was and she shrugged and sent me a link to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“We have come to a consensus in our society that facts matter. I feel like it’s my obligation to say that,” Lemon said last week.

Don Lemon wouldn’t know an honest fact if it signed his paycheck and made his coffee.  His anti-Trump bias and presuppositions of Trump’s unfitness to be president are there for his TV zombies to see night in and night out.

As far as his obligation, apparently Lemon feels no obligation to honestly report Trump’s economic policies which have led to the lowest level of black unemployment ever. Likewise the undeniable fact there are fewer blacks on food stamps now than at anytime during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Where is Lemon’s obligation to his viewers with honest facts that tell the real story about the Russian collusion nonsense, Trump’s foreign policy successes and the positive things this president has accomplished his first 16 months in office – despite the scurrilous media headwinds by journalist hacks like Don Lemon and his ilk?

Unfortunately you’ll never hear any of those things from “This is CNN” and their primetime anchor, Don “Racist-Adjacent” Lemon.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. For those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country, welcome. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who tolerate everything but free speech and conservative ideals, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.



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2018 – The Year of the Wicked Wolf

The year 2018 must be the Year of the Wolf. Or Wolff. Or Woof.

In January Michael Wolff, author of The Fire and the Fury, published his gossip-filled book full of known lies, unchecked facts, half-truths, and imaginary occurrences the author believed to be true.

Those imaginary occurrences had to be good enough for his readers since not a single Cabinet level official was interviewed for his “guess-all” book.

Since learning that Wolff used a pink unicorn and Nessie of Loch Ness as two of his sources, the public last saw him on a local cable channel yelling at a potted plant, “I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now” like Navan A. Johnson in The Jerk.

Speaking of offense, this past Saturday comedienne Michelle Wolf did an impression of a stand-up routine at the annual White House Correspondents’ Assocication dinner.

People who enjoy pulling the wings off butterflies and burning ants with magnifying glasses thought it hilarious.

Wolf was crude, rude and came off like a high school mean girl on Facebook. During her “act” she labeled White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar and an Uncle Tom – so called because that’s the name “for white women who disappoint other white women.”

She attacked Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway as a liar and hypocrite:  “You guys have got to stop putting Kellyanne on your shows. All she does is lie. If you don’t give her a platform, she has nowhere to lie.”

Wolf’s act was so below the belt, over-the-top, and a punch to the midriff of decorum and decency that even liberal female journalists who defended Bill Clinton’s debauchery were aghast.



What’s funny is that liberals are so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), they can’t distinguish between funny and ferocious, humor and haranguing, comedy and cruelty.

The Left is so politically correct they are afraid of offending any life form, but they have no problem lambasting any Christian, conservative or rap artist who think differently than they do.

Before political correctness and its twin mongrels of diversity and inclusivity were spawned, celebratory dinners with funny guest speakers worked like this:

If Michelle Wolf would study these old celebrity roasts, she might learn how to be funny – without being a #NastyWoman.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. For those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country, welcome. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who tolerate everything but free speech and conservative ideals, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.

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