Hoprah and the Russian Collusion Illusion

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Dead white poet Alexander Pope wrote, “Hope springs eternal,” and after Oprah Winfrey’s powerful speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night, many liberals are hopeful that “Hoprah” will lead Democrats out of the political wilderness.

Winfrey was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award and in her speech mentioned civil rights, the faddish #MeToo movement and led the Hollyweird faithful in a rousing chant of, “Their time is up!”

Oprah and Harvey Weinstein

She ended her emotional speech (with progressives it’s always about feelings) with this sage observation: “A new day is on the horizon.”

Meh. Last I checked new days come and go daily – regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. It has something to do with earth’s rotation and the sun.

Naturally the political left went gaga over her address and immediately Twitter was atwitter with hashtags like #Oprah2020 and #OprahforPresident. No wonder the country has an Oprah-oid crisis!

I can hear it now. If she is the Democrats’ nominee in 2020, those opposing her will not only be racist, but sexist as well.

I’m hoping the Dems will one day nominate a one-legged, transgender, bi-sexual, pro-abortion, Islamic vegan so I can hear that I’m a special needs hater, gender phobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-vegan, anti-choice, knuckle-dragging troglodyte.

Also on Monday, fallout continued from the fire and fury from author Michael Wolff’s book, The Fire and the Fury. Naturally those who hate Trump love the book, and according to Amazon customer reviews many of them bought it just because the President tried to have his legal team block its publication.

Here’s the interesting takeaway: Wolff acknowledges that several of his sources were lying to him, but he included their comments anyway “allowing the reader to judge” whether the sources’ claims are true.

In other parts of his salacious tell-all he used his “journalistic judgment” and research to describe “a version of events I believe to be true.” He also admitted in subsequent interviews that he did not interview a single White House Cabinet official.

Well gee, who wouldn’t plunk down money for a book written by a guy that admittedly doesn’t believe his own sources and questions his own conclusions but insists readers buy the book to decide for themselves about Trump’s mental acuity.

In an interview in Monday’s London Daily MailWolff was quoted as saying, “100 percent of the people around Trump question his intelligence and fitness for office.”

So in addition to writing a trashy, gossip-filled book full of unchecked facts, half-truths and imaginary occurrences, apparently Mr. Wolff can’t do math either.

In sports, the Alabama Crimson Tide rallied from a 13-point second half deficit in the College Football Playoff National Championship game to beat the Georgia Bulldogs, 26-23 in overtime. Monday’s win was Alabama’s fifth national title in nine seasons.

No player for either team was seen taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, despite the overt presence of the President. In another example of white privilege, Alabama head coach Nick Saban took home his sixth national title with Monday’s win, but Alabamians of all colors didn’t seem to mind.


Today’s top news story concerns work towards “a bill of love” that the president was calling for in a rare 55-minute televised DACA meeting held with both Republican and Democrat congressional leaders.

Just the thought of Democrats working with Republicans to craft a bipartisan immigration reform bill was enough to bring a tear to the eye of many “Dreamers” – specifically those idealistic dreamers who naively believe that the Democrats would ever agree to enhanced border security involving a wall, ending chain migration, the diversity lottery program and implementing E-verify.

Even more disturbing was watching the president say, “I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with.” And there was this gem: “If they come to me with things I’m not in love with, I’m going to do it.”

Giving the president the benefit of the doubt, let’s hope this is just a negotiating ploy. As a “the glass is half full guy,” I’m adopting a wait-and-see approach to see how this all plays out. However, Laura Ingraham summarized the concern of many conservatives on her show The Ingraham Angle:

*Today we also learned that Google has added vetting for conservative publications in its search results. NOTE: the fact checks seem to apply almost exclusively to conservative sites under a heading titled “Reviewed Claims.”

Conservative publications like The Daily Caller, Breitbart, The Conservative Treehouse, World Net Daily and The Daily Wire are tattooed with the Reviewed Claims display but liberal websites like Daily Kos, Salon, Vox, Slate and Mother Jones are not fact checked for accuracy in their content.

Apparently in addition to “fake news” and Michael Wolff’s fake book, now thanks to Google we also have fake vetting and fake fact checking.

* UPDATE One week after we reported Google’s vetting seemed to target conservative publications almost exclusively, Google suspended its controversial new “fact-check” feature after the facts seemed to point to their own company’s bias and questionable objectivity.


The One, aka, Barry Soetoro, aka, Barack Obama, famous former grass-roots organizer on Chicago’s south side, continues to scale back plans for the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago after local residents objected to the original plan.

Grass-roots activists, conservationists and academics in Chicago have all expressed reservations to the Obama Foundation about the center, and academics at Obama’s own stomping grounds at the University of Chicago have called it “socially regressive.”

Charles Lipton, a political science professor at the university, says Obama is “indulging himself” by “building a monument along the lakefront.”

Obama Presidential Center
Obama’s Monument to Self

Complaints have ranged from locating the Obama Presidential Center on Lake Michigan as opposed to the Southside, to annexing 20 acres of Jackson Park, a popular urban city park on the National Register of Historic Places, to plans for a 450-space above ground parking garage.

The above ground garage is the latest part of the project to be shelved, when earlier this week the Obama Foundation agreed to move the garage underground so as not to take up an additional five acres on the historic Midway Plaisance.

Heck, I say scrap the center entirely and just build the garage. An empty underground parking lot would be the ideal symbol of the 44th president’s two terms – just saying.

Also on Wednesday an estimated 100 U.S. immigration agents invaded dozens of 7-Eleven stores across the country searching for foreign invaders. Here’s footage from one of the raids:

Just kidding. Agents did target about 100 stores nationwide in what portends a sharp expansion of immigration enforcement under the Trump administration.

“This is what we’re gearing up for this year and what you’re going to see more and more of is these large-scale compliance inspections, just for starters,” Derek Benner told the Associated Press.

“It’s not going to be limited to large companies or any particular industry, big medium and small,” he said. “It’s going to be inclusive of everything that we see out there.”

Works for me. Liberals always whine about the need to be inclusive so there you go.


Thursday some conservative media outlets were confirming what many have suspected: the FBI used the fake Russian dossier to obtain FISA warrants that allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign and the president-elect and his team.

This is huge news, and is the latest domino to fall in the fake Russian collusion narrative. Check it out:

1) Last fall we learned that it was the Clinton campaign and the DNC that hired the firm Fusion GPS to create the dossier.
2) Much of the information gleaned from the dossier originated from Russian disinformation created in the Kremlin.
3) FBI Assistant Attorney General Andrew McCabe confirmed in testimony last month before two congressional committees that the only part of the dossier the FBI had actually confirmed was a trip to Moscow by Carter Page, an unpaid and informal advisor to the Trump campaign.
4) The FBI is believed to have either paid for the dossier or reimbursed expenses for dossier author Christopher Steele.
5) Subpoenaed bank records have shown that Fusion GPS paid certain members of the media to promote and publish some of the dossier’s unproven allegations to help create chaos for the Trump administration. Their names and employers will be named soon.

Add this all together and what does it spell? The Clinton campaign, the DNC and the FBI together worked with Russia to influence the 2016 election by using phony opposition research against first, a political opponent, and later, the president-elect of the United States.

If there was any collusion with the Russians going on, those pointing their fingers at Trump the past year were the ones doing it.


Much of Indiana was in the throes of a winter storm warning this day, but it was President Donald Trump that was digging out from a s$#% storm of his own making a day after his latest Trumpian comment.

He managed to stir the PC pot yet again while meeting with senators about DACA when he reportedly asked why the United States would want people from “s$#%hole countries.” Not the most prudent use of language, but…is that any worse than what liberals routinely say about their fellow Americans?

– Last week Robert DeNiro referred to the President as a f@!#ing moron” and a f@!#ing fool on TV.
– Hillary Clinton referred to half the country as deplorables.
– Barack Obama decried those who “cling to their guns and their religion.”
– Black conservatives are frequently called Uncle Toms by liberals.
– Hillary Clinton routinely cursed at her Secret Service detail while First Lady and her security detail while Secretary of State.
– Last month liberal comedienne and talk show host Chelsea Handler referred to White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a harlot, a trollop and a whore. This past week she referred to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham as a homophobic slur.
– Former MSNBC talking head Ed Schultz referred to conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham as a right wing slut.

Geez, could Trump have been referring to the impoverished economic conditions, corruption and inept governance of countries like Haiti rather than the residents living in those countries? Of course he was, and those insisting otherwise are just creating a distraction from a booming economy, the successful passing of a tax plan that will put more money into the pocket of middle-class wage earners, and Trump’s increasing popularity.

The Democrats don’t want DACA to pass because that would cost them their most valuable campaign issue in November. It also means they would keep the status quo of illegals and their families pouring across our border while multiple immigration cases awaiting appeal weave their way through the courts.

Liberal hypocrisy is nothing if not consistent.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.

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Arctic Cold and Hot Pursuit Usher in 2018

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Dean Riffs’ Week in Review. Every weekday our panel of non-partisan judges (me) pick two or three weekday news items on which to comment – after careful pontification, of course. We riff responsibly here.


The new year greeted much of the country with a bright, sunny smile – and a polar bear hug thanks to an Arctic weather front.

How cold was this latest climate change threat? Not cold enough for hell to freeze over, but it just might now that today marked the first day that transgenders could openly join the world’s best fighting force.

Transgenderism will now serve as the first “medical condition” mandatory for military enlistment centers to ignore when recruiting. Heart murmurs – no. Allergies -no. Bad feet – no.

But if you like to don women’s clothing and pass yourself off as the opposite gender than what your natural plumbing indicates – go for it. Even better, unless President Trump issues a new directive to fix this travesty, now the U.S. taxpayer will have to pay for gender reconstructive surgery and recovery time.

So much for military readiness. And forget that Section 8 Max Klinger – in today’s U.S. Army you can now be all you can be – and more!

In other news on New Year’s Day, California joined commie-light playgrounds Oregon, Colorado, Washington state and that other Washington in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

So now citizens of those Left Coast states and the Rocky Mountain Really High state can get high just for the fun of it while those states’ pols get high on the tax revenue pot generates.


The president was all thumbs on his first day back at the White House following a Merry Christmas break at Mar-a-Largo. President Tweets-a-Lot fired off a total of 16 tweets January 2, including these three zingers:

    1. Called out Clinton aide Huma Abedin, the “Deep State Justice Dept” and James Comey for their role in the see-no-evil Hillary Clinton email investigation.

2. Congratulated his long-time nemesis, “The Failing New York Times,” for beginning a new chapter of their history with a new publisher (albeit the previous publisher’s son) taking control of the Gray Lady.

3. Told North Korea’s “Rocketman” that his (Trump’s) nuclear button was bigger and more powerful than Kim Jong Un’s. And it works!

Naturally all this tweeting had the mainstream media all atwitter. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but since anything Trump tweets serves as a dog whistle for the left to go apoplectic, it appears tweets are bigger and more powerful than the pen. And they work!

In other tweets, Mad Maxine’s favorite president paid homage to the Iranian people for their courageous acts of rebellion against the mullah regime and the world’s largest terrorist state, self-congratulated himself on commercial aviation going a full year without an airplane fatality, and congratulated long-time U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch after announcing he would not seek re-election to an eighth term this November.

Speaking of Orrin Hatch, he is the longest Republican senator in history, having begun his first term in the Senate when Calvin Coolidge was president and Babe Ruth was playing for the Bosox.


Wow! Valentine’s Day is still six weeks off but apparently the on-again, off-again bromance between President Trump and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is kaput.

Bannon is Executive Chairman of Breitbart, the political right’s version of The Huffington Post, but with better writing, reporting and sourcing. On this day excerpts were released on The Fire and the Fury, a new book by Michael Wolff to be released Jan 5 about Trump’s tempestuous campaign and the early chaotic days of the administration.

In the excerpts several eyebrow raising quotes were attributed to Bannon. For instance, regarding Don Jr. and Trump son-in-law Jared Kusher meeting with Russian lobbyists in June, 2016 at Trump Tower, ostensibly to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton:

“They didn’t have any lawyers. Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad s$#%, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately,” Bannon was quoted as saying.

Treasonous and unpatriotic were the wrong words to use, but Bannon was right about one thing: meeting with the Russian lobbyist was stupid because there’s enough dirt available on HRC just by Googling “Hillary crimes.” You can also check out the Facebook page entitled, Bleach-bit Bimbo.

Speaking of the arguably worst presidential candidate in American presidential history, the media was ablaze on the afternoon of Jan 3 with stories about a house fire at the Clintons’ North Westchester “compound” in Chappaqua, New York. (“Compound” is what the locals and the Chappaqua Daily Voice newspaper call Casa Clinton.)

According to the local paper the Clinton’s were not at home at the time and the fire occurred in a Secret Service facility not connected to the Clinton Castle.

When asked about the source of the fire, Hillary Clinton spokesman Nick Merril handed out copies of Senator Clinton’s latest tome “What Happened” and swore on several copies of her book that boxes overflowing with empty Chardonnay bottles had absolutely nothing to do with the blaze the local fire department quickly extinguished.

On a personal note, the Indiana Pacers celebrated the new year by extending their season-long losing streak to five games by dropping a 122-101 away game to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, aka The Greek Freak, torched the Blue & Gold for 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists before sitting out the fourth quarter to contemplate the works of Aristotle with some “platonic” friends online.


A massive winter storm known as a bomb cyclone raged through the Eastern part of the country from the Carolinas to Maine. New England saw as much as a foot and a half of snow and Boston media reported the Atlantic Ocean had dumped ice floes and trash dumpsters through the city’s streets.

A bomb cyclone, also known as bombogenesis, occurs when the barometric pressure drops 24 millibars in 24 hours due to warm air meeting cold air. This collision of competing air masses coupled with the earth’s rotation creates a cyclonic effect.

For those who don’t know a weather front from a Wingdings font, let’s break down today’s weather into a political analogy this first frigid week of January:

The cold air emanating from the Trump-Bannon split smashing into the hot air always flowing in Washington D.C., and the rise in temperature from the evidence of DOJ-FBI collusion with the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration to sabotage Trump’s presidency, has created a massive constitutional crisis storm that promises to blanket much of the country for the next several months.

Also on Thursday the Dow Jones broke yet another record, exceeding 25,000 for the first time. Contrast that news with what fellow billionaire Mark Cuban and other “experts” said would happen if Trump won the presidency.  Doom. Disaster. An economic bombogenesis!

What does that tell you? Deplorables are better off trusting their own instincts and watching what the President is doing than what the chattering class says about what he is doing.


Today we learned that an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation, long believed by many on the right to be a blatant money-laundering operation when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, resumed a year ago after temporarily being shelved in 2016.

In 2016 Justice Department prosecutors rejected a request from FBI agents in Los Angeles, New York, Little Rock and Washington to expand and intensify an investigation begun in 2015. Before Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department shut them down, FBI agents from four different cities were looking at donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Thursday night The Hill’s John Solomon broke the story that the initial investigation had been revived a year ago and the story was widely reported on Friday.

This latest investigation into Clinton is separate from FBI and congressional investigations into her illicit use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State, her destruction of subpoenaed emails, computers and phones during that time, the FBI’s questionable handling of the earlier investigation while James Comey was head of that agency, and the bureau’s unusual action of granting immunity to everyone involved in Hillary’s email fiasco – including her houseplants and any future Blackberry’s.

Translation: its going to be a hot and uncomfortable winter for both Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as for James Comey and many of the FBI and DOJ hierarchy in the Obama administration.

Maybe there really is something to this global warming stuff for true climate change believers!

Also Friday ESPN reported that tension abounds in the tight-knit new England Patriots’ community. Seems trouble has been afoot in the hallowed halls of Gillette Stadium this season between quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft.

The disagreements are sharp enough that rumors have it this could be the last season for the NFL’s powerful triumvirate – even if the Pats win the Super Bowl.

In a word, what a “deflating” development.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.

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Desecrated Statues Have More Stature Than Vandals

ATTENTION: STATUE VANDALS & HISTORY DENIERS: It’s a good thing you posers aren’t going man to man with those men depicted in the statues you are trashing. If you were, there wouldn’t be a safe space or sanctuary city in which you could hide from the whipping you’d get.

As I mentioned in Clueless Posers “Bust” Up Statues, these history-phobic cretins seem to think they can purge American history by defacing the historical reminders of our past.

What should we expect though, from a generation that thinks gender is as interchangeable as disposable phones and the greatest threat to civilization is a Trump tweet.

The unlawful destruction of statues memorializing historical figures erected decades ago whose 19th century values offend today’s cultural “purity” is nonsensical. But if that’s how the 21st century paragons of uncivil virtue want to keep score, let’s play:

(Andrew Jackson Meets a Transgender Soldier) “President Jackson, allow me to introduce you to Private Juan Mortime.

“Sir, Private Mortime is transgender and occasionally likes to be called Juanita.  He, er, she, er…Private Mortime just finished basic training earlier this month.

“Now that the private has completed basic training, before joining us in defending New Orleans Juanita er, Juan, er, Private Mortime requests a two-week pass sir, on, er… a personal matter, sir.

“What personal matter? Well, sir, Private Mortime wants to consult staff members at Tulane University about gender reassignment options – especially now that Uncle Sam will probably be paying for it.

“If he decides to proceed with the process, he, er, she, sigh…the private is confident he or she will be recuperated enough to join the fighting in about 3-4 months. That is, as long as everyone respects the gender choice Private Mortime has decided upon when he – or she – returns, sir.”

Substitute the volatile Andrew Jackson for Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee or heck, even Mark Twain – the results would be the same. Outrage. Shock. Indignation.

The point is that the historical figures being pilloried today because their actions don’t match today’s contemporary moral and cultural standards is myopic at best and arrogant at worst.

If circumstances were reversed 19th century folks would be just as repulsed by what passes for morality and manners today.

America’s past, both good and bad, must be viewed objectively rather than through the lens of contemporary morality – or lack thereof.

Nineteenth-century men provided meat, shelter and security for their families. And they did that without food stamps, government housing assistance, educational loans and a taxpayer-funded police department.

Women worked just as hard or harder than the men, from sunup to sundown.  Hundreds of thousands of rural-based adults in the 19th century did daily chores, cooked, cleaned, farmed, hunted, fed livestock, split wood, pumped water, parented their offspring and attended church regularly.

Today’s millennials can’t function without a daily Starbucks fix and many of them are still wearing their pajamas when they order that. They pay hundreds of dollars for technology toys so they can exchange likes and retweets with total strangers –  despite neither of them having any face-to-face communication or marketable skills.

They demand safe spaces from opposing opinions and stress-therapy teddy bears while their 19th century counterparts at earlier ages were fighting the British, Mexicans and Indians – with real guns and no cuddle blankets or Play-Doh!

Was slavery wrong? Duh. America passed legislation banning the slave trade in 1808.

Though they don’t teach it in most public high schools, that was a big reason for the Civil War fought from 1861-1865.  Contrary to the belief of what is taught in state-funded universities of groupthink, the Civil War really wasn’t fought between North Americans and South Americans.

Vladimir Lenin coined the term “useful idiots” to denote unwitting westerners the Communists had successfully manipulated. Today the term is also applicable to history-challenged goofballs trying to whitewash America’s past, both good and bad.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.

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Wholly An O Holy Night

Celebrating Christmas without Christ is like a sugar rush.

The joyful holiday music with the catchy melodies and cheerful lyrics is addictive.

Together with the brightly colored lights, beautifully decorated trees and seasonal wreaths festooned with festive red bows, it all helps augment a celebratory holiday environment pulsating with excitement and anticipation.

Then Christmas Day arrives amid a flurry of rapidly shredded wrapping paper and flying gift bows.

That Yuletide chaos is punctuated by squeals of delight and beaming parents immersed in a few minutes of holiday glee at the sight of their mini-me’s making memories that last a lifetime.

Within a day or two the sentimentality rush from the holiday subsides and kids and adults alike wonder at the improbability of how fast the holiday came and went.

Psst…it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right perspective Christmas can be the time where believers can experience the ‘thrill of hope,’ immerse themselves in the beloved ‘sweet hymns of joy’ and reflect on the child who taught us to ‘love one another.’

If you haven’t listened to the words of O Holy Night this Christmas, you should take a few minutes and treat yourself. As beautiful and inspiring as the music is, the lyrics are equally poignant and eloquent.

O Holy Night!
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the dear Savior’s birth!
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appear’d and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!

(Chorus) Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine
Oh night divine

After hearing the lyrics and awe-inspiring music of O Holy Night, who isn’t willing to fall on their knees and praise His holy name?

The second stanza depicts the shining star of Bethlehem, the miraculous but humble birth of the Christ child and the arrival of the three wise men. Consider the last verse of the second stanza:

Led by the light of Faith serenely beaming
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand
So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming
Here come the wise men from Orient land
The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger
In all our trials born to be our friend.

Christ came into the world not only to intercede on our behalf with God the Father and forgive us our sins, but to encourage us to trust in Him and be our friend in all our trial and error experiences.

The scriptures teach us that Christ was born as a flesh and blood human because He loves us and so we might know Him better. He came to live life in our shoes and to experience temptation and human frailty as one of us.

For instance, Christ was fully human when he experienced numbing grief with the passing of his friend Lazarus.

As a human being Jesus endured the humiliation of being an innocent man ridiculed and mocked by His accusers; suffered through the spectacle of a public scourging, and the unimaginable pain of being nailed to a cross – all while enduring alienation from His heavenly Father.

During his brief three-year ministry Christ was the ultimate social justice warrior. He healed the sick, cured the lame, helped the deaf to hear and the blind to see. He assembled a rag-tag group of followers, ministered to thousands, fed the hungry and clothed the naked.

In short, he taught us by example to love one another.

Truly He taught us to love one another
His law is love and His gospel is peace
Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother
And in His name all oppression shall cease
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
Let all within us praise His holy name

As Linus reminds us every year in the Charlie Brown Christmas special, that’s what Christmas is all about. We just have to remind each other now and then by meditating on inspirational carols like O Holy Night.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.

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The Russian Collusion Boomerang

The Bible says: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” For the more secular minded there’s the old adage: “What goes around, comes around.”

For those who mock Fox News and prefer their news coverage less fair and balanced there’s this video tutorial:

Considering the comedic boomerang effect experienced by those working to take down President Trump, here are five “what if’s” for your consideration. What if:

1. It was actually the Democrats who colluded with Russia by using a trumped up dossier based on uncorroborated testimony from Russian government officials.

Even worse, the fake dossier was paid for by Hillary’s campaign, the DNC, and probably the FBI.

2. The Russians and countless other foreign powers gained access to the DNC’s computer network through Hillary’s unsecured email server housed in her private residence.

Try as they might they can’t wipe out that possibility with a cloth or even bleachbit.

Democrats’ attempt to smear Trump

3. Multiple investigations reveal that it wasn’t Russia that leaked Democrats’ emails, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT guru Imran Awan. The Russian collusion story was partially concocted to cover that up and slow Trump’s agenda.

I believe Awan had a hand in some of this because the FBI has charged him with theft and cyber-security issues, and he had access to dozens of Democrat email accounts since he and various family members managed the email server housing those accounts.

In short, the guy hacking the Democrats’ emails wasn’t Russian, but an employee on their own payroll.

4. Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that has built its corporate reputation on anonymous leaks, was exposed itself when the criminal culpability of FBI and DOJ officials plotting against President Trump before and after the election was exposed by anonymous leaks.

We also know that Fusion GPS may have helped promote the fake Russian dossier by paying journalists to promote it.

5. Former FBI director James Comey’s fraudulent actions to impugn President Trump by illegally sharing information with a friend to leak to the press is himself in serious legal jeopardy.


Comey admitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee last summer that he asked Daniel C. Richman, a law professor at Columbia Law School, to share classified information with a reporter because that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.

I never attended law school but from what I hear from people that did that action alone is illegal.

The whole Russian collusion narrative seems like a bad novel, but considering how the charges leveled against Trump constantly boomerang on his accusers, a comic book may be a more appropriate analogy.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.

Sources: YouTube.com, FoxNews.com

Photo sources: teacherspayteachers.com 

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Safe Spaces for a Merry Christmas

Tell-tale signs that Christmas season is here:

  1. A sleigh-load of snowflake stories about harrowing encounters with nativity scenes in public places;
  2. Creative efforts to craft generic names for what deplorables call Christmas trees; and
  3. The left’s annual ritual to “bleachbit” the Christ child from Christmas.
Grinches Bloom At Christmas

Every Christmas season is replete with examples of nose-out-of-joint Scrooges who won’t rest until they take the lump of coal from their own dark hearts and leave it in their neighborhood’s Christmas stocking.

It isn’t enough these grinches shun Christmas personally — they insist on trying to ruin it for everyone else.

Last year around this time the small Indiana town of Knightstown was forced to remove a cross from the top of a large evergreen tree in the town square because the threat of an ACLU lawsuit.

A Christmas tree had been placed in the town square for decades, but the town was ordered to remove it when one distressed resident who drove through town daily was “forced to come into direct and unwelcome contact” with the cross on top of the tree.

We all have our crosses to bear – or not.

Two years ago an Elkhart, Indiana high school was banned by a judge from re-enacting the nativity scene using live performers — something the community had been doing for decades.

The school eventually compromised by using mannequins instead of students, but residents of the northern Indiana community recognized the real dummies in their annual Christmas reenactment.

Every Yuletide it’s déjà vu voodoo: Christian-phobic zealots like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) harass faith-based communities with limited funding to fight back.

The holiday carping against Christmas traditions by such groups is always the same: They object to public-displayed nativity scenes; they rename pine trees non-offensive names like “holiday trees;” and they protest against any Christmas song and imagery with a religious context.

“Holiday” Tree

These Christmas bigots think that acknowledging Christ in Christmas will make us a theocracy similar to Iran — except with more fa-la-la-la-la.

Observing the holiday set aside to celebrate the birth of God’s son is OK with these paragons of civil virtue – as long as we exclude God the Father and hide the baby Jesus away in a manger outside public view.

We Hoosiers pride ourselves on common sense solutions, and here’s one for blog readers:

Let’s allow towns and cities who honor and respect Christmas traditions to designate themselves “Christmas Sanctuaries” or Constitution Sanctuaries.”

Presently there are over 300 sanctuary cities, counties and states in the United States that protect criminal aliens from deportation.

Sanctuary cities collect millions in federal funding while consistently dissing federal law. If these “sanctuaries” can ignore federal law, surely cities and towns wanting to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with traditional symbols of the season can ignore threats from whiners like the ACLU and the FFRF.

These new sanctuary cities could host traditional Christmas celebrations on public and school property free of litigation. Christmas carols could be sung again loud and off-key at school pageants. Merry Christmas salutations could be openly exchanged without requiring offenders to don the scarlet letter “C.”

Christmas Sanctuary Cities

Christmas sanctuary communities would provide real safe spaces for those who love Christmas, religious liberty and American freedom.

The Declaration of Independence says our rights come from our Creator. If our elected officials are unable or unwilling to protect our religious liberty, then what could be more American than a grassroots effort by hundreds of communities tired of political correctness to reclaim their public squares?

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see. 


The original version of this post was published Dec 20, 2016 in LifeZette.

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No Sanctuary for Kate Steinle and Family

Kate Steinle’s final words after being shot in the back by a five-time deported illegal alien were, “Help me, Dad.”

The final words of the San Francisco jury judging her accuser, who had a criminal record of seven felonies and who used a stolen firearm to shoot her: “Not guilty.”

Kate Steinle was 32

On November 30 six men and six women jurors acquitted Jose Inez Garcia Zarate of first- and second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.  They also found him not guilty of assault with a semi-automatic weapon. They did find Zarate guilty of illegal possession of a firearm due to his status as a felon – but according to SF Gate his attorney is wanting that sole charge dropped too.

Only in Californiastan is illegal possession of a firearm a more serious offense than using it to kill someone.

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate

The jury consisted of men and women of varying educational levels and work backgrounds. According to Mercury News the jurors were believed to all be millennials and three were immigrants. (It’s unknown if they were legal or illegal immigrants since Californiastan doesn’t “discriminate” between the two.)

“We are very pleased with the jury,” said lead defense lawyer Matt Gonzales and chief attorney of the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office. “We have such great diversity built in San Francisco and I think we have a jury that understands a lot of the concerns about the defendant receiving a fair trial.”

So while Gonzalez basked in a fit of self-congratulation over San Francisco’s storied diversity, the court wasn’t concerned enough to share the defendant’s criminal record and how often he’d been deported with the jury.

Both the defense strategy and verdict says a lot about San Francisco being more concerned about protecting the sanctity of their sanctuary city philosophy than providing justice for a murdered American citizen and her family.

It’s also revealing that the district attorney couldn’t successfully prosecute an illegal alien with a felony record who:

  1. Shot Kate Steinle in broad daylight in front of witnesses
  2. Kicked the murder weapon into the ocean
  3. Ran away
  4. Upon apprehension changed his story more often than Hillary Clinton testifying under oath during an FBI interview. Whoops, my mistake; Hillary Clinton has never been put under oath during FBI interviews.

After Kate was shot and dying in her father’s arms, her stunned father was powerless to help her. San Francisco could have helped bring her family closure but chose not to.

While it’s true imprisoning the illegal who shot Kate Steinle would not bring her back to her family and friends, it would at least have shown San Francisco regretted the role they played in her tragic demise.

Instead the city by the bay, like their football team the 49’ers, chose to take a knee and pursue their own peculiar form of social justice.


Source: dailywire.com, foxnews.com, mercurynews.com

Photo source: mercurynews.orgww2.kqed.org


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Imam Shortage Blamed on Trump

In case you missed it, America has an imam shortage.

An imam is an Islamic leader of worship services at mosques.  Not surprisingly, according to Politico Magazine, the imam shortage is President Donald Trump’s fault.

Imam Shortage in American Mosques

Why are America’s mosques running short on imams? Take your pick:

1) Foreign imams are having trouble getting visas – Trump’s fault;

2) Imams fear a backlash from American Islamophobia – Trump’s fault;

3) There aren’t enough imams to go around – which will undoubtedly be blamed on Trump once his critics figure a way to square that circle (crescent)?

Blaming the imam shortage on the fact there aren’t enough imams for Friday services reminds me of the question our sophomore high school health class was asked about what causes baldness. “Lack of hair!” classmate Ricky Hicks blurted out in Mr. Obvious fashion.

And how ironic is it that a visiting Middle Eastern imam would worry about violence in Idaho or South Carolina after living in primitive villages where 7-year-old boys carry Kalashnikov rifles and honor killings are an approved religious activity.

Politico says the concern of many in America’s Islamic community is that imam-less mosque members could turn radical without an imam to lead them.

“They go to the internet or Google and then can end up somewhere very bad,” said Abu Marwan, the president of the Masjid Al-Rahma outside San Diego.

That’s interesting, considering the Catholic Church has experienced a shortage of priests for years, yet I haven’t heard of Catholics going violent, brandishing communion wafers and blowing up raffle tickets or bingo boards.


And liberal fantasies aside, Protestant churches without ministers don’t go ballistic like the repulsive church scene in The Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Regardless, Marwan frets that a lack of stable leadership will push young Muslim Americans towards radicalization because they may roam the Internet like ISIS converts do.  In other words, they may go jihadi rogue.

Last I checked, that’s the same reason why President Trump wants to limit visas from predominantly Muslim nations.


Source: politico.com

Photo source: islam.ru,


Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who tolerate everything but free speech and conservative ideals, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see. 


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Playing Jeopardy with Your Oral Health

(Announcer) “This…is… Dental Plan Jeopardy!

“Let’s meet today’s contestants: a dental hygienist from Bicuspid Bay, Massachusetts  – Annie Amalgam. A dental lab technician from Crown Point, Indiana – Robert Resin. And, our returning champion, a dental sales representative and fifth grade spelling bee champion at Thomus Jefersun Elementary in Demineralization Springs, Colorado –  Flo Flossing, whose one-day cash winnings total…$19.29!

“And now, here is the host of Dental Plan Jeopardy, Noel McCavity.”

“Thank you Johnny, and thank you ladies and gentlemen, good to have you with us today. Always a lot of excitement on Dental Plan Jeopardy, and yesterday was no exception. In case you missed it, we had a brief melee break out in our studio audience between a gentleman dressed up like the Tooth Fairy and a precocious seven-year-old who claimed the Tooth Fairy left him just two breath mints and an IOU for his last baby tooth.

“Here’s hoping today is a bit more sedate. Good luck contestants, let’s get to work. Here are today’s categories: What Kind of Plan Am I?HMOs, You Can Quote Me, PPOs, Discount Dental Plans, and Mistaken Indemnity.

(Noel) “Flo, you are the reigning champion. Go.”

(Flo) “PPO’s for $200, please.”

(Noel) “PPO’s, or Preferred Provider Organizations, allow you to go in or out of these.”

(Flo) “What is a network?”

(Noel) “Right.”

(Flo) “PPO’s for $400.”

(Noel) “PPO’s usually require these for major procedures.”

(Flo)“What are types of anesthesia?”

(Noel) “No, that is incorrect. Annie?”

(Annie) “What is a waiting period?”

(Noel) “Right, proceed.”

(Annie) “What Kind of Plan Am I? for $200.”

(Noel) “These types of plans are sometimes called a ‘fee for service plan’ and allow you to visit any dentist.”

(Annie) “What is an indemnity plan?”

(Noel) “Right you are.”

(Annie) “What Kind of Plan Am I? for $400.”

(Noel) “These types of dental plans offer quick activation times and no waiting period.”

(Annie) “What are discount dental plans?”

(Noel) “Yes. Continue.”

(Annie) “What Kind of Plan Am I? for $600.”

(Noel) “These plans require you pay a fixed price at the time of service and use a network provider.”

(Annie) “What are rollover plans?”

(Noel)“Uh, no; that is incorrect. Anyone? The correct answer is, ‘What is a HMO plan?’ Annie, it’s still your go.”

(Annie) “What Kind of Plan Am I? for $800.”

(Noel) “These plans have no waiting periods, no deductibles, no annual limits and often cost less than other dental plans.”

(Annie) “What are HMO’s?”

(Noel) “Right you are, also known as Health Maintenance Organizations.”

(Annie) “What Kind of Plan Am I? for $1,000, Noel.”

(Noel) “This type of plan was actually included as part of a 1940’s movie title starring Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray.”

(Annie) “What is Double Jeopardy?”

(Noel) “No, Double Jeopardy is what we play after this round.  Robert?

(Robert) “Who are Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones?”

(Noel) “Right answer, wrong question. Judd and Jones played in the movie “Double Jeopardy,” but we are looking for a 1940’s movie that has this type of plan in the title. Flo?

(Flo) “What is Gentlemen Preferred Provider Organizations?”

(Noel) “Uh…no. Robert?”

(Robert)“What is Double Indemnity?”

(Noel) “That is correct.”

(Robert) “You Can Quote Me for $200.”

(Noel) “This online dental insurance program will provide you a free quote with just your age and zip code.”

(Robert) “Who is Dental Insurance Store?”

(Noel) “Correctamundo.”

(Robert) “You Can Quote Me for $400.”

(Noel) “This online dental store’s motto is, ‘Find the right dental plan, at the right price.’”

(Robert) “What is Dental Insurance Store?”

(Noel) “It’s a quick and easy way to buy dental coverage from the convenience of your computer, Robert. But please, let’s continue.”

(Robert) “Uh…okay. You Can Quote Me for $600.”

(Noel) “This quote tool will allow you to compare up to five plans at a time and is found where on the website.”

(Robert) “Dental Insurance Store’s Plan Comparison feature.”

(Noel) “In the form of a question, please…”

(Robert) “Where is Dental Insurance Store’s Plan Comparison feature?”

(Noel) “It’s on the Internet at Dental Insurance Store on the general quotes page. And if you need assistance they have operators available at 1-888-299-6441 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.”

Thank you, Noel for hosting today’s game. I’ll take it from here. Maintaining good oral health and the importance of seeing a dentist twice a year is no game, although millions of people lose out every year by not having dental coverage. Don’t put your pearlies in jeopardy, or double jeopardy, by going another week without protection.

The original version of  this post was published at Dental Insurance Store on Jan 14, 2015


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Lincoln and the Mother of Thanksgiving

Lincoln signed the Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863

The name Sarah Josepha Hale may not sound familiar to most Americans, but she played an integral role in today’s holiday. A tireless advocate of education for girls and women in 19th century America, she worked as a writer and editor in order to support her five children after her husband David Hale, a lawyer, died of a stroke in 1822.

In 1830 she penned a book of poetry called Poems for our Children.  One of the poems was titled, “Mary’s Lamb,” which later became known as “Mary’s Little Lamb.”

Sarah Josepha Hale – the Mother of Thanksgiving

Mrs. Hale worked as a writer and editor for a single magazine for 40 years.  As writer and editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book she had been advocating and writing our nation’s leaders for years to set aside a single day for America to count its blessings.

She had even written five previous U.S. presidents with her suggestion, but it had always fallen on deaf ears. On September 28, 1863 the determined editor wrote yet another letter to President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State William Seward advocating the country observe a single day as a day of prayer and thankfulness.

Here in part is what she said:

Permit me, as Editress of the “Lady’s Book”, to request a few minutes of your precious time, while laying before you a subject of deep interest to myself and — as I trust — even to the President of our Republic, of some importance. This subject is to have the day of our annual Thanksgiving made a National and fixed Union Festival.

You may have observed that, for some years past, there has been an increasing interest felt in our land to have the Thanksgiving held on the same day, in all the States; it now needs National recognition and authoritive (sic) fixation, only, to become permanently, an American custom and institution.

Historians have recorded that according to an 1864 letter from Lincoln secretary John Nicolay, the proclamation  the nation’s 16th president delivered on Oct 3, 1863 was actually written by Secretary of State William Seward and sold one year later to support Union troops in the Civil War.

Washington, D.C.
October 3, 1863

By the President of the United States of America.

It has pleased Almighty God to prolong our national life another year, defending us with His guardian care against unfriendly designs from abroad and vouchsafing to us in His mercy many and signal victories over the enemy, who is of our own household.

It has also pleased our Heavenly Father to favor as well our citizens in their homes as our soldiers in their camps and our sailors on the rivers and seas with unusual health. He has largely augmented our free population by emancipation and by immigration, while He has opened to us new sources of wealth and has crowned the labor of our workingmen in every department of industry with abundant rewards.

Moreover, He has been pleased to animate and inspire our minds and hearts with fortitude, courage, and resolution sufficient for the great trial of civil war into which we have been brought by our adherence as a nation to the cause of freedom and humanity, and to afford to us reasonable hopes of an ultimate and happy deliverance from all our dangers and afflictions:

Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, do hereby appoint and set apart the last Thursday in November next as a day which I desire to be observed by all my fellow-citizens, wherever they may then be, as a day of thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, the beneficent Creator and Ruler of the Universe.

And I do further recommend to my fellow-citizens aforesaid that on that occasion they do reverently humble themselves in the dust and from thence offer up penitent and fervent prayers and supplications to the Great Disposer of Events for a return of the inestimable blessings of peace, union, and harmony throughout the land which it has pleased Him to assign as a dwelling place for ourselves and for our posterity throughout all generations.

Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale

Today we live in divisive times. Many political observers have speculated that America is more divided today than at anytime since the Civil War.

This Thanksgiving Day as millions of families gather together across the country, my prayer is that we can peacefully put aside our differences, humble ourselves before God as one people, and petition Him in prayer for a return of peace, unity and harmony for our country.

God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sources: biography.com, abrahamlincolnonline.org, shestokas.com

Photo source: commonamericanjournal.com,media1.britannica.com, si.wsj.net


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