Hillary’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election

I’m bummed because I didn’t earn a mention in Hillary Clinton’s fantastical autobiography “What Happened.

For those who aren’t following Hillary’s pathetic 2017 Exculpatory & Exoneration Tour, “What Happened” is her unplugged biography of how she lost the 2016 presidential election. In this over-the-top whine fest she listed no fewer than 43 reasons why she blew the most probable presidential election victory in modern American history.

As I wrote in a post titled America’s Chance at Redemption in LifeZette, Hillary had more tangible advantages over Donald Trump than Trump has golf courses.

She had more money, more endorsements, more favorable poll numbers, more star struck Hollywood celebrities, more drooling media, more technology wunderkinds, and more entrenched bureaucrats shilling for her.

And that’s not even counting The One and the First Lady of School Lunches campaigning for her the final two weeks.

At one point Nate Silver of the New York Times gave Hillary an 81% chance of winning, and she was believed to have a crystal clear path to the necessary 270 Electoral College votes needed to become America’s first female president.

So what happened? I think it was divine intervention, but if you’re looking for non-religious answers, you won’t find them in her blame-all book by the same name. If Hillary had spent as much effort campaigning as she did finding folks to blame for her Nov 8 shellacking, she may have made it more of a contest – but probably not.  The reason why rests with Hillary herself: in a word, trust.

As a public service let me save blog readers $17.99 by sharing this little nugget: voters may support candidates they don’t particularly like, but they rarely vote for candidates they don’t trust. Combine Hillary’s unlikability and trust factors and you’ve got the textbook example of lipstick on a lying pig – so to speak.

Too harsh? Tell that to the families affected by the Benghazi debacle. Despite all the testimony and committee hearings, as I write this we still don’t know specifically where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were and what they were doing during the 13 hours the Benghazi compound was under attack. But we do know the blatant lie the grieving families of those killed were told when the bodies of their loved ones were returned to Dover Air Force Base: the attack was the result of a video.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of politics can name 10 Hillary whoppers for every excuse she has given for losing the election. (Macedonian content farms is a personal favorite.)

The late Pulitzer Prize winning political writer William Safire caused a major ruckus in January, 1996 when he wrote in a New York Times essay that Hillary Clinton was a “congenital liar.” In that piece Safire wrote,  “She had good reasons to lie; she is in the longtime habit of lying; and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.”

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t been called to legal account for her decades worth of lying, perjury and violating the law, but Americans can take solace in knowing that her lifetime of abusing the truth has doomed her chance of ever being President.


Thanks for reading Dean Riffs. For those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country, welcome. For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who tolerate everything but free speech and conservative ideals, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see. 

Photo sources: Business Insider, The Daily Sheeple


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