Man Banned for Female Empathy


If gender really is a social construct and being non-binary is optional, why would a school known for celebrating its gender neutral diversity ban a man with a strong empathy towards women?

Lindsey Mack chose to apply at Mount Holyoke College because of the school’s reputation as the most inclusive women’s school in the country.

Sadly, xe has learned that is not the case.  According to their website, Mount Holyoke accepts:

  • Biologically born female; identifies as a woman
  • Biologically born female; identifies as a man
  • Biologically born female; identifies as other/they/ze
  • Biologically born female; does not identify as either woman or man
  • Biologically born male; identifies as woman
  • Biologically born male; identifies as other/they/ze and when “other/they” identity includes woman
  • Biologically born with both male and female anatomy (Intersex); identifies as a woman

Mount Holyoke does not accept biologically born males identifying as men, but Lindsey learned there is one other category Mount Holyoke does not accept: men brimming with toxic masculinity and enough testosterone to form a special forces unit – by themselves – but who empathize with women.

Apparently the whole gender is a social construct theory only applies to females, females who want to be male and female wannabes.

“What the college doesn’t understand is I grew up with seven sisters and one bathroom for all of us. That experience gave me a unique perspective and understanding of women that a lot of dudes don’t have, I’ll tell you,” Lindsey said.

On Lindsey’s application form xe dotted all the “i’s” and crossed all the “t”s – or in this instance would that be dotted the “t’s” and crossed the “i’s?

Whatever, Lindsey ran the non-conformist gender gauntlet successfully and was accepted until xe arrived on campus.

It was then that xyr lifelong dream of attending a women’s college met the brick wall of prejudice and bigotry.  In the short time it took for xyr to saunter the campus and ask directions to the administration office, multiple cases of swooning began.

The Mount Holyoke nurse’s office treated 16 cases of swooning during Lindsey’s brief visit, including Mount Holyoke’s Dean of Students and an embarrassed Admissions Director who reportedly gasped in awe when Lindsey strode purposefully into her office.

Mount Holyoke says on its website:

“Diversity and inclusion is about understanding our multiple identities through the lens of social justice education, ally development, and identity development.”

Unfortunately Lindsey Mack’s disappointing experience proved an exception to the school’s gender diversity rules. Men who respect women and relate to them are not allowed – unless they are gay or transsexual.

Thanks for reading Dean Riffs.  Welcome to those who love American liberty, free enterprise, and who believe God has blessed our country.  For those who believe in open borders, safe spaces, and who think free speech is hate speech, move on – there’s nothing here for you to see.


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